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IGs face more responsibility, turf wars over war-related spending

Congress steps up oversight of reconstruction contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Waxman issues subpoenas for Bush, Cheney documents

Documents relate to the disclosure of former CIA operative Valerie Plame's covert status.

Millions of contract employees to be vetted for legal employment status

Questions remain about how government plans to oversee expansion of E-Verify program.

Veterans groups seek funding in advance

Groups want the VA to get its health care money on day one of each fiscal year, instead of dealing with routine delays in the budget process.

OSC chief made subordinate post online rebuttals to news stories

Postings defended Bloch against online articles and comments by readers that he has perceived as negative.

House panel backs big boost for veterans' programs

Funding would pay for 1,400 more claims processers, above the 703 additional personnel Bush requested to cut the backlog in requests for benefits.

Panel votes to crack down on veterans' grave vandals

Metal grave markers are being stolen from the grave sites of veterans either as an act of vandalism or to get the metal to sell to scrap yards.

Key Bush management initiative called likely to survive transition

Research group predicts "lines of business" effort to consolidate business processes and systems will continue in some form.

From Nextgov.com: Health IT office awards contract to fight medical identity theft

National coordinator for health IT asks Booz Allen to analyze prevalence of medical records theft and how to prevent and detect it.

Obama, McCain urged to find common ground on management agenda

Here’s your opportunity to suggest measures the two senators could support on a bipartisan basis.