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Obama calls summit a good first step

Washington decisionmakers spent hours on Monday discussing a range of issues, including procurement and the budget process.

House omnibus totals more than $400 billion

Package could be considered by the House as soon as Wednesday and includes the nine spending bills Congress has not approved.

Marine commander says Iraq pullout in 16 months is 'doable'

Maj. Gen. John Kelly says he believes the Iraqis are committed to settling disputes through the political process rather than violence.

Senate majority leader sees action on omnibus by March 6 deadline

The House is expected to take up the package on Wednesday.

Sens. Levin and McCain want to trim procurement fat.

Bill aims to rein in bloated Defense contracts

Legislation would require reexamination of all Defense contracts more than 25 percent over budget.

Senate approves Solis as Labor secretary

Confirmation had been delayed partly because of GOP concerns about her pro-union positions.

Contractor association pushes for stimulus ‘tiger teams’

Collaborative rapid review and response teams would be designed to allocate resources efficiently.

Congressional Research Service veteran steps down

Relyea was a leading authority on government institutions, and advised Congress during debates over the formation of the Homeland Security Department.

Focus on spending, budget returns

Congress must either pass the omnibus or approve another continuing resolution to keep much of the federal government going after March 6.

IG: Energy cannot account for nuclear materials at 15 locations

Eight years after an audit showed record-keeping deficiencies, the department has not implemented critical reforms.