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Senator seeks amendment to protect whistleblowers

Proposal allows workers to file a complaint with the appropriate agency's inspector general if they believe they have faced retaliation for disclosing waste or mismanagement of stimulus funds.

Obama administration orders review of IRS private debt collection program

Officials notify contractors that no option years will be exercised until independent appraisal is completed.

Oversight board: Treasury overpaid $78 billion for bank stocks

Official faults former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for using a uniform standard in pricing stocks across the board, rather than pricing for risk according to each institution.

Lawmaker lays down markers on fiscal 2010 shipbuilding budget

Mississippi Democrat says Navy should abandon the DDG-1000 next-generation destroyer.

Obama tells Energy it’s time to get ‘serious’

President defends using stimulus funds to upgrade the federal vehicle fleet.

American Federation of Government Employees president John Gage.

Unions differ on how to revive labor-management partnerships

Biggest federal labor group calls for “stripped-down” approach that doesn’t require consensus decisions.

Witness to describe SEC's 'abject failure' in Madoff case

Boston-based investor turned fraud investigator says he tried to alert agency officials to the Ponzi scheme.

New winds blow for whistleblower protection groups

Advocates are more optimistic they will be able to reach a compromise on legislative provisions, now that the Obama administration has taken office.

Homeland Security panel sets priorities, stirring GOP discontent

Authorization and chemical-plant security bills are on the agenda.

Bipartisan stimulus amendments draw interest in Senate

Lawmakers might propose cutting money for computers at USDA and the Interior Department, as well as funding for HIV screening, wildlife management and NASA.