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After Iowa vote, New Hampshire and uncertainty await

With decisive victories of Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, stake rise in upcoming contests.

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Collaboration called key to modern management

In a networked world of government, ability to deal with potential conflicts takes on new importance.

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GAO upholds protest of lucrative Air Force contract

Watchdog agency sustains challenge of Boeing’s $1.2 billion award for maintenance of KC-135 aircraft.

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Capitol Hill forecast: Even less legislative agreement

End-of-session acrimony that marked 2007 appears likely to carry over in 2008.

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FAA, controllers union to hold second meeting on safety issues

Get-togethers could be sign that relationship between management, union, is improving.

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New rule on women-owned small business contracting draws fire

Small Business Administration proposal would limit set-asides to only four industries.

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Census program to use handheld computers said to be in ‘serious trouble’

Analysis recommends agency develop contingency plan to use paper forms.

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President signs $516 billion omnibus spending bill

Measure includes 3.5 percent pay increase for white-collar federal employees, enhanced benefits.

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Spending bill puts restrictions on FBI case management project

Funding partially withheld until agency reports on independent reviews of Sentinel program.

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As military begins to draw down, National Guard ramps up

Overall force levels in Iraq returning to pre-surge levels, but Guard units are mobilizing in large numbers.

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