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President unveils 'honest' $3.55 trillion plan for fiscal 2010

OMB chief says the White House has combed through the budget and located $2.2 trillion in savings.

Budget summary is littered with management proposals

Obama administration pledges to reconfigure President Bush’s tool for evaluating effectiveness of federal programs.

Government continues to provide unethical contractors with work, GAO says

More than two dozen contracts were awarded in two years to vendors under federal suspension or debarment, according to investigators.

CBO projects deficits as high as $11.5 trillion over decade

Projection takes into account policies similar to those expected in president's budget blueprint.


DHS chief open to expanding collective bargaining rights

Janet Napolitano says she is looking into her legal authority to let TSA employees negotiate with management.

Acquisition workforce looms large at initial stimulus meeting

Complying with the recovery act’s requirements with existing procurement staff will be difficult but doable, officials say.

Intergovernmental partnership aims to limit risks in stimulus spending

Organization offers tools to assess vulnerabilities and identify weakness in financial management that could lead to waste.

Whose Downturn?

If the economy hasn’t improved by next year, the public will start to blame Obama rather than Bush.

Immigration leadership takes shape at Homeland Security

President taps veteran prosecutor John Morton to lead ICE; Napolitano selects long-time immigrant advocate Esther Olavarria for policy post.

Obama calls summit a good first step

Washington decisionmakers spent hours on Monday discussing a range of issues, including procurement and the budget process.