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Of Swans and Spoilers

To improve their Election Day prospects, Democrats would need an extraordinary game-changing event or a GOP implosion.

House lawmakers protest transfer of Guard's C-130s

Letter demands the short- and long-term goals the Air Force hopes to achieve by taking the aircraft from reserve units.

House majority leader bearish on budget passage

It's hard to get budget blueprints approved in election years, Rep. Steny Hoyer says.

Firefighters could lose jobs because of age

Dozens of Defense contract firefighters would be ineligible for their jobs under insourcing plan.

From Nextgov.com: Senate set to consider NSA chief as head of Cyber Command

Lawmakers have held up Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander’s nomination because of concerns about the militarization of cyberspace, the command’s relationship with the National Security Agency and the use of the Internet.

White House: Earmark spending is decreasing

Administration touts 27 percent drop in directed spending between fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2010; watchdog group says figures are misleading.

Union agreements limit USPS’ ability to reconfigure its workforce.

GAO calls for more outsourcing, part-time employees at Postal Service

Watchdog and lawmakers disagree over whether workforce restructuring will improve USPS’ bottom line.

Agencies to get more nuanced marks on small business contracting

Moving from a stoplight system to letter grades will increase clarity and transparency of score card, according to SBA.

GOP: Treaty might imperil missile defense

Arms reduction treaty with Russia may prevent movement on Europe missile defenses, fueling Republican opposition.

Advocacy group says women not moving up the federal ranks

Movement into senior federal jobs has slowed, according to Federally Employed Women.