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Obama reform plan bears traces of Clinton and Bush efforts

Management specialists applaud what appears to be a continued focus on program performance and results.

From Nextgov.com: Bush nominates Pollett for head of DISA

Congress unlikely to act on pick before its fall recess.

Obama speaks in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Obama pledges to fire managers, cut redundant programs

Democratic nominee issues plan to shift jobs from middle management to front lines, cut contract spending.

Draft of continuing resolution aims to avoid government shutdown

House Democrats would fund most federal government programs at fiscal 2008 levels until March 6, unless Congress acts before that.

Ex-FDA lawyer denies industry guided agency priorities

Sheldon Bradshaw, former agency chief counsel, says House Oversight and Government Reform chairman is wrong about FDA preference for pharmaceutical industry.

Air Force to strengthen inspections and expand training for nuclear mission

Service leaders still are weighing a major reorganization recommended by a task force.

Presidential campaigns urged to prepare for DHS transition

McCain, Obama should name potential Homeland Security appointees before the November election, say witnesses at a congressional hearing.


Lawmakers propose government entity to steady financial sector

Agency could take after the Resolution Trust Corp., created to help with the 1980s savings and loan crisis, or the 1932 Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

Procurement reform effort hurt by Senate earmarks fight

Democrats dropped a package of Defense authorization bill amendments that included provisions to enhance contract competition and oversight.

Agencies urge Congress to act on threat posed by stateless sublike watercraft

Spike in use of vessels by drug cartels creates legal and logistical challenges for Coast Guard.