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Hurricane Fay reminds managers of emergency workforce flexibilities

Direct hiring authority, premium pay for employees are among several options available to agencies during a crisis.

Equal employment report shows mixed success

Federal workers file fewer complaints, but agencies pay more in damages.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

House majority leader calls for expanding alternative work schedules

Maryland Democrat asks OPM for guidance on motivating agencies to adopt a four-day, 40-hour workweek by October.

GSA to bolster contracting with service-disabled veterans

Task force to help agency direct 3 percent of procurement dollars to vet-owned companies.

Defense budget doesn't stretch as far as it used to

The Pentagon’s budget is squeezed by war, soaring fuel costs and out-of-control acquisition programs.

Northern Command no longer a startup organization

Post-Sept. 11 military command takes on a growing list of challenges.

Down to the Wire

Both candidates weigh timing and wow factor of VP picks.

Energy seeks power in diversity

Department wants to increase the number and type of power sources available to Americans.

Obama emphasizes VA role in caring for vets

Democratic presidential candidate favors job training for veterans, more outreach to their families.

Commission finds U.S. vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse attack

High-altitude detonation of a nuclear warhead would wreck havoc on communications and other infrastructure.