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Lawmakers begin to push back against proposed program cuts

Legislators agree with the reductions in general, but don't want to see programs that benefit their constituents eliminated.

Orszag: More must be done to evaluate programs

Budget chief says more data systems and protocols for statistical analyses are needed.

Personnel chief isn’t waiting on Congress to begin hiring reforms

Many of the provisions in a bill to streamline the federal job application process can be accomplished administratively, OPM director tells lawmakers.


Administration renews effort to dispose of excess property

Proposal would allow agencies to keep all money from the sale of unwanted property.

Administration boosts funding to replace private debt collectors

Budget proposes an increase of $332 million for tax enforcement compliance program.

Homeland Security would get boost under Obama budget

Administration requests more funding for technology and border agents in the Southwest.

Pentagon reconsiders pricey Guam move

Marine Corps commandant says estimated $4 billion is "way short" of actual cost.

Louisiana lawmaker maintains hold on FEMA nominee

Republican Sen. David Vitter wants to the know the agency's plan for updating the flood maps in his state.

New presidential helicopter would get axed under budget

Program is six years behind schedule and the cost has doubled.

Senate approves weapons acquisition overhaul

Role of a new oversight official is likely to be a sticking point during House-Senate conference negotiations.