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Holder's nomination clears Senate Judiciary Committee

Obama's choice for attorney general was approved on a 17-2 vote.

Confirmation hearing for HHS chief is on the horizon

Tax and real estate data collection for secretary-designate Tom Daschle has taken longer than anticipated.

Report charts new path for improving program performance

Efforts have focused too heavily on achieving narrow targets and earning good marks on OMB assessments, author says.

Obama's first days seen as a 'triumph of image'

Academic says every new administration hopes to convey "competence and mastery of issues" to the public.

One President, Two Nations

There are two Americas -- one that watched the inauguration with hope, and another that looked on with skepticism.

Geithner OK'd for Treasury, Schapiro takes over at SEC

Concerns about delinquent taxes not enough to block Treasury chief's nomination.

Senate appropriators pass stimulus plan over GOP doubts

Appropriations Committee's portion of the package contains $365 billion in discretionary spending.

Breach of federal jobs site highlights need for contractor liability, security observer says

Hacked information could be used for targeted phishing attacks and other scams.


Gates names acquisition reform among Pentagon’s top priorities

Defense secretary vows to combat a culture that hinders effective procurement practices.

Forward Observer: Dear President Obama

Even the Pentagon will need to cut back in the face of the economic crisis.