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Senate approves $122 billion transportation, housing spending bill

Next up is the $32.1 billion Interior-Environment appropriations measure, with more votes expected on Tuesday.

Bill would let firms that outgrow their size status retain set-aside contracts

Lawmaker says existing regulations punish small businesses for success, but critics question the motive behind the proposal.

Spending bill amendment takes aim at 'czars'

Proposal comes as Republicans have escalated their criticism of the Obama administration for appointing more than 30 czars.

Navy restructures ship program in effort to reduce costs

Officials hope competition for the exclusive contract will drive down the price tag, which has more than doubled since the program's inception.

Homeland Security to review stimulus spending on borders

Move appears to respond to criticisms that the department is spending Recovery Act money without adequate evaluation.

Government urged to check how contractors treat their employees

Center for American Progress claims egregious labor law violators are receiving federal dollars.

McHugh confirmed as Army secretary

Kansas senators allow the nomination to move forward after receiving assurances the Defense Department will not transfer Guantanamo detainees to a prison in Fort Leavenworth.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Interior creates regional centers to cope with climate change

Move aims to improve coordination and data sharing across agencies to protect wildlife and resources.

Task force proposes new three-level alert system

Alerts should be focused on specific industries or locations and should contain as much information as possible about the threat, group concludes.

New long-range strike aircraft still on Air Force's radar

Completing a procurement of the much-delayed airborne refueling tanker replacement also is a top priority.