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Burning Question: Can you take sick leave whenever you feel like it?

Or can your manager force you to provide a doctor's note proving you're sick?

Army cancels ground combat vehicle contract

Service plans to issue a revised solicitation within three months.

Lockheed on board with Pentagon cost-cutting initiative

Government’s biggest contractor says it’s working to reduce inefficiencies and cut overhead expenses.

Defense agency seeks 10 percent price reduction from suppliers

Logistics officials will focus on “price reasonableness” and signing more long-term contracts.

Another Headache

President Obama’s opinion on the Manhattan mosque is far from expedient -- unfortunately for Democrats.

Civilian agencies feel contracting pinch

Agencies watch their wallets and bring work back in-house.

Observer: Managers have reason to be wary of telework

Difficulty staying in touch with employees and monitoring productivity might have soured supervisors on the arrangement, executives association official says.

Sherrod turns down USDA job

Ousted official refuses Secretary Tom Vilsack's offer to take a civil rights post.

Young arms dealer gets into more trouble

Efraim Diveroli, who delivered faulty munitions to Afghan security forces through a Pentagon contract, is arrested again on firearms charges.

Lawmaker touts telework as a win-win situation

The arrangement boosts productivity, cost savings, recruitment and retention, and quality of life, says Virginia Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly.