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Justice official keeps mum on privacy rights

Pending legislation would reauthorize and modify three provisions of the PATRIOT Act that expire at the end of this year.

Air traffic controllers approve new contract

Vote ends three-year dispute with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Lack of Self-Awareness

Blue state Democrats don’t seem to realize their party has a problem.

White House stepping up defense of consumer agency

The strategy is a reverse of the path the administration has taken on the healthcare debate, where it allowed Congress to dictate the details and stayed out of the fight until late in the process.


IG finds scattered workforce issues at Defense audit agency

Investigators uncover abrasive behavior that could have affected employees’ work, but few examples of intimidation.

Panel sees mounting bioterror risk

Commission says a rogue scientist working at a U.S. laboratory is the most likely threat.

Senate tees up Defense spending bill

Appropriations Committee chairman says he hopes to bring the bill to the floor as early as Wednesday.

Small business reps accuse big contractors of pulling a ‘bait-and-switch’

Large companies are using small firms to help develop bids and then cutting them loose before they can reap their fair share of the resulting work, officials say.

Trade group concerned about insourcing mandate

Professional Services Council says contractor jobs are being shifted in-house without measuring cost or best value.

House to take up stopgap spending bill

Continuing resolution is expected to run through the end of October.