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Lawmakers propose government entity to steady financial sector

Agency could take after the Resolution Trust Corp., created to help with the 1980s savings and loan crisis, or the 1932 Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

Procurement reform effort hurt by Senate earmarks fight

Democrats dropped a package of Defense authorization bill amendments that included provisions to enhance contract competition and oversight.

Agencies urge Congress to act on threat posed by stateless sublike watercraft

Spike in use of vessels by drug cartels creates legal and logistical challenges for Coast Guard.

Conference leaders to limit amendments to defense bill

Provision aimed at improving the process of delivering military absentee ballots from overseas appear among those off the table.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

Treasury plan to create new government entity comes under question

Proposal would set up an organization that would buy troubled assets from financial institutions to prevent them from failing.

Lawmakers worry stopgap funding would hinder security programs

Homeland Security official calls continuing resolutions "extremely distracting" for any agency, says level funding would stunt the department's growth.

Prolonged dispute keeps new FOIA office only on paper

Disagreement swirls around location, funding.

Senate Democrats call out Defense on clean-up record

Environment and Public Works chairwoman criticizes department for shirking its duties regarding contaminated sites.


Legislative logjam could leave agencies in the lurch

A continuing resolution to fund agencies in the new fiscal year that starts Oct. 1 is on the list of unfinished legislation.

Non-Cabinet agencies included in formal succession planning process

Executive order instructs executive branch agencies to record who would assume top position in case of death or resignation.