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McCain defends VA health proposal

Obama camp calls program "privatization;" veterans' advocates are wary.

Retired generals advising Obama bring range of expertise

More than 70 retired generals and admirals from all four services are counseling the Democratic candidate.

Federal employees are urged not to leave computers running

Turning off machines at night seems like a small step, but the savings could be huge, according to technology companies.

Georgia on Obama’s Mind

The selection of Joe Biden as a running mate may help Obama over the threshold on national security issues.

Agencies make the best of tight technology budgets

Two wars, a plunging deficit and a slow economy have made fiscal 2008 a historic year—for all the wrong reasons.

FAA system failure grounds hundreds of flights

Agency says software problem appears to be the cause.

The Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell electric vehicle is a centerpiece of the plan.

U.S. Postal Service tests new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

The world’s largest civilian fleet owner wants to drive the market for green transportation.

Labor group highlights candidates’ differences on federal employee issues

Views on bargaining rights for airport screeners and contracting show important distinctions between Obama and McCain, AFL-CIO political director says.

Contractors face prospect of losing immunity in Iraq

A final agreement has yet to be reached, making it difficult to determine how companies could be affected.

Small biz advocates say change in disclosure process reduces transparency

Registry no longer requires firms to document individual offices’ annual revenue or number of employees in federal contractor database.