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Condoleezza Rice speaks at a U.N. meeting on African development.

State Department urged to boost hiring

New report cautions against an increasing “militarization” of diplomacy.

EPA likely to see changes under next administration

Reversing Bush administration rules that reshaped regulatory programs and weakened some environmental protections could take years.

Budget observers predict crunch on spending

Former OMB director says next president should devise a five-year budget strategy to handle financial crisis in the short-term and provide long-term deficit restraint.

SEC chairman blames lack of transparency for market turmoil

Chris Cox calls for better reporting on financial disclosures.

From Nextgov.com: Air Force to place cyber operations under Space Command

The service’s neglect of its nuclear mission led to the demise of a grand plan for a Cyber Command.

Tie Breaker

The House would pick the next president if the Electoral College vote ended in a tie.

Treasury details procurement plan for new financial office

Agency will follow federal acquisition rules, but anticipates that a number of contracts will be awarded without full and open competition.

Feds, industry announce center for identity management research

Agencies, academia and corporations form coalition to find ways to better protect personal data and privacy, but offer few details.

External factors will limit next president’s control over spending

The growth of mandatory entitlement programs and interest on the national debt leave little wiggle room in the budget.

Agency beefs up Medicare fraud detection efforts

Officials announce the launch of a recovery audit contractor program that will track businesses with high billing.