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Senate strips protections for federal whistleblowers from stimulus bill

Chamber removes safeguards for government workers but strengthens them for employees of organizations in line to receive stimulus funding.

Gregg steps out of the running for Commerce chief

Senator cites disagreements with President Obama on oversight of the U.S. Census Bureau and the economic stimulus package.

GOP threatens legal action over Census oversight

Republican leadership urges President Obama to reverse decision to extend its jurisdiction to the agency.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (left) and OMB Director Peter Orszag issued the order on behalf of President Obama.

White House orders agencies to plan oversight of stimulus spending

Agencies must appoint senior-level officials by Feb. 13 to manage recovery funds.

Bill would expedite VA health care spending

Legislation would fund department’s medical programs for two years at a time starting in fiscal 2011.

Deficit will near $2 trillion in 2009, federal budget expert predicts

Funding that proved contentious in the economic stimulus package likely will be added to agency budgets this spring.

Panel dismayed by rise in overseas Defense contracting

Lawmakers claim that Pentagon payments for contractor services rose by 183 percent since 2000, while military pay has gone up only 5 percent.

Acquisition lawyers say mandatory disclosure rule is opaque

New policy could turn into a legal land mine, as companies try to guess how regulators meant to define words such as “timely.”

Unions press GOP senators to confirm Labor nominee

Republicans say delay on Hilda Solis nomination is procedural; await more information on her husband's tax issues.

Negotiators agree to a leaner stimulus bill

Amid bipartisan disappointment, House and Senate lawmakers reach a deal on a $789.5 billion package to jump-start the economy.