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Dress Rehearsal

Conservatives appear to be using Sonia Sotomayor to sharpen their attack strategies for future nominees who would change the balance of the Supreme Court.

House, Senate Dems tentatively agree on supplemental

Senate majority leader says moving some appropriations bills separately rather than bundling them together will be a priority this year.

SEC official sees 'logic and efficiency' with merger

Market watchdog would work together well with Commodity Futures Trading Commission even without merger, chair says.

Recovery.gov gears up for a makeover

Stimulus oversight panel will issue a request for proposal for IT vendors in the coming weeks.

Foward Observer: Non-exit strategy

Obama and Congress could be unwittingly setting up the American military for another Vietnam-type failure in Afghanistan.

House to consider ban on airport body scans

Amendment to the TSA authorization bill would bar machines that provide a three-dimensional image of passengers naked from primary checkpoints.

Homeland Security reviews contractor-federal employee balance

Service contracts worth more than $1 million will be examined to ensure the private sector isn’t performing work best left to civil servants.


Unions react positively to OPM call for pay reform

But employee advocates do not want a pay-for-performance system modeled on Bush-era initiatives.

From Nextgov.com: Obama raises stakes for cybersecurity

Unveiling results of 60-day review, president says he’ll appoint a cybersecurity czar at the White House.

IFPTE Secretary-Treasurer Paul Shearon, left, says employees at three agencies have approached the union.

Unions say recession is sparking federal sector organizing

Heavy workloads and economic uncertainty are prompting increased interest.