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Groups challenges selection of biodefense site

Homeland Security officials, along with Kansas senators, are adamantly defending the decision to build multimillion facility in Manhattan, Kan.

Interior seeks to rescind controversial mining rule

Bush administration’s mountaintop coal mining provision is ‘legally defective,’ Salazar says.


Obama asks rank and file feds for cost-cutting tips

Managers aren’t the only workers with good ideas, president says.

Congress to tackle Defense procurement reform next week

Proposed legislation would establish regulations and oversight mechanisms to rein in ballooning acquisition costs.

Senate takes another step toward finalizing spending blueprint

Negotiators have been named to work through differences on issues including reconciliation.

Petraeus says no permanent bases planned in Afghanistan

The administration's $83.4 billion wartime supplemental spending request includes $867 million for military construction projects in Afghanistan.

With holds lifted, Senate confirms Defense acquisition chief

Concerns about the competition for aerial refueling tankers was delaying process.

Analysis: Bring Them On

The time is ripe for hiring, but government will miss out if it can’t fix the tangled job application process.

New nonprofit to focus on acquisition reform

The FAIR Institute will develop solutions based on federal and commercial best practices.

Budget amendment directs agencies to trim wasteful spending

Senate version of the fiscal 2010 budget blueprint includes a provision requiring agencies to report to Congress on inefficient federal programs.