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Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

The new president will face a multitude of problems, but likely will have a hard time accomplishing more than three or four big things in his first term.

Gustav response highlights Army’s improvement in disaster communications

The service has turned to mobile command vehicles built from the ground up to coordinate better with first responders in the wake of Hurricane Gustav.

For GOP, a second chance at disaster management

In New Orleans in April, John McCain vowed that the "terrible and disgraceful" response to Katrina "will never, ever again happen."

Gustav forces changes to GOP convention

McCain puts focus on federal hurricane response rather than celebration of his nomination.


Obama calls for end of '20th century bureaucracy'

Democratic nominee’s pledge to make federal programs “work better and cost less” echoes effort launched by President Clinton.

Interior set to issue new military support services contract

National Business Center unit will manage the Military One Source pact, expected to be awarded by the end of the year.

No simple answer from McCain on use of force

Throughout his career, the former Navy pilot has been difficult to pigeonhole on the crucial question of when to deploy U.S. forces.


McCain seeks to make leap from maverick to manager

GOP standard-bearer's plans for the federal government are sweeping, but achieving them will require attention to the nitty-gritty.

Obama camp steering clear of transition talk

Candidate's team is silent while lawmakers speculate about a Democrat-led presidency.

DHS technology contract may be headed for a ‘spending spree’

Vehicle for procuring information technology services will be popular for frenzied fourth quarter spending, research firm says.