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Obama expected to send nominations back

Renominating the officials is necessary because Republicans opposed an agreement that would have kept them pending on the Senate calendar.

Air Force secretary: 'Make hard choices now'

Michael Donley advises service leaders not to get "over-extended" in programs they cannot afford.

House GOP presses Democrats on spending

Republicans want to reduce spending to fiscal 2008 levels; Democrats oppose the proposal, pointing to a study that shows the cuts would be the deepest in recent history.

Commanders urged to think local in Afghan contracting

Memo indicates that contracts could be going to unscrupulous firms and says officials must do a better job of following the money.

Nearly 500 million eggs were recalled in August.

Survey: Political and corporate influence threatens public health

Nearly one-quarter of respondents said they received inappropriate requests to alter data from top agency leaders.

From Nextgov.com: SSA awards $2.8 billion services support contract

Four firms will compete for task orders to help the agency exchange electronic medical records, and expand Internet services for Medicare and supplemental security income applicants.

NASA contractors get help finding new jobs

Labor provides $5.3 million grant to help Texans affected by retirement of the space shuttle program.

Agency sustainability plans show the challenges of going green

Accurately gauging energy use is among the difficulties highlighted in newly released reports from 54 agencies.

Lawmaker finds Defense IG is doing less with more

Watchdog is drifting off-topic and publishing fewer reports despite a staff increase, report says.

Hundreds of Lockheed Martin execs take buyout offer

A quarter of the top officials at the government's biggest contractor will leave the company.