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Lieberman keeps government reform panel chairmanship

Connecticut senator must give up leadership of Environment and Public Works subcommittee.

Panel Democrats will probe charges from FDA scientists

Employees claim they were intimidated into changing scientific reviews and recommendations to obscure unscientific data and legal violations.

Navy secretary urges new 'quality culture' in shipbuilding

Goals include reducing a high level of turnover at production facilities and improving training, supervision and inspections.

House Democrats may prepare omnibus bill for January

Goal is to have the nine remaining fiscal 2009 bills ready for Obama to sign shortly after he is inaugurated.


Obama expected to name Peter Orszag OMB director

The Congressional Budget Office chief was an economic adviser in the Clinton administration.

Best and worst agencies for employee engagement

A look at where employees are the most involved in their jobs, and where they are simply putting in the hours.

Lieberman vote to come Tuesday

Senate Democrats will cast secret ballots over lawmaker's fate as Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman.

Nonprofits urge Obama to focus on program performance

Coalition also calls for more investment in human resources and the strategic use of technology to enhance service delivery.

Blackwater confirms probes of overseas arms shipments

Company denies report that employees hid weapons in sacks of dog food.

Obama administration faces hard choices in managing ground troops

Organization and equipment challenges bedevil Army, Marine Corps and special operations forces, new reports say.