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Consulting firm says sale of government operations won’t affect business

Corporation, contracts and clients will remain the same, says Booz Allen Hamilton spokeswoman.

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Independent estimate cuts cost of Census contract almost in half

MITRE projects price tag of $681 million for handheld data collection computers.

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Contractors, insurance firms gouging taxpayers, panel says

House committee chairman plans to introduce legislation that would change the Defense Department's practice of allowing contractors to negotiate their own ...

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Legislative amendment would suspend competitive sourcing at Defense

Provision added to authorization bill during markup puts three-year cap on A-76 competitions.

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Agencies should improve financial management workforce planning, report finds

Technology is changing the kind of skills federal employees need.

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From Nextgov.com: GSA to award Alliant contracts by December

Top official says agency will follow judge's ruling to thoroughly consider if companies can provide the IT services and if prices are reasonable.

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Marine Corps seeks return to its role as a naval force

After fighting alongside the Army in Iraq for five years, the Corps now needs new -- and expensive -- equipment.

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Tanker contract likely to fuel long House markup debate

Other amendments seek to overturn cuts to the Army's Future Combat Systems, missile defense programs and several major weapons systems.

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House Armed Services agrees to boost submarine funds

Panel adds $422 million to the Navy's Virginia-class submarine program.

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Lawmakers say retired feds, government paying double for drug coverage

House Democrats launch an inquiry into coordination between OPM and Medicare agency.

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