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Officials seek more resources to fight mortgage and corporate fraud

Number of cases being investigated by the FBI and the Treasury Department has jumped during the economic crisis.

A Fork in the Road

Unless the Obama administration gets its act together, it risks being perceived as incompetent.

Lawmakers upset over DHS employee's handling of dead fish, white powder

A senior adviser for weapons of mass destruction intelligence programs drove the package from her home to the office at the direction of security officials, and parked her car under a ventilation shaft.

Federal contractors are likely to benefit from stimulus plan

Industry leaders say economic recovery package could offset some of the cuts expected in Defense procurement spending.

NOAA's energy-efficient satellite operations center.

Upgrading federal facilities would create thousands of jobs, economist says

Using stimulus funds to make buildings more energy efficient would cut billions in operating costs, says White House.

Vilsack: U.S. should have single food inspection agency

Agriculture chief says centralization is necessary because food safety is both a human health and market issue.

Senate passes stimulus as thorny talks with House await

While the bottom lines of the two bills are close, vastly different priorities could color negotiation.

Forward Observer: Don't Americanize Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the United States can avoid the mistakes of the Soviets by adding at most 30,000 troops and putting an “Afghan face” on the war.


Federal workforce needs some tender loving care, says Clinton official

Former political appointee believes that investing resources in government employees is key to tackling major policy problems.

Lawmakers face stimulus negotiations with Presidents Day deadline looming

House and Senate versions appear similar on the surface, but contain significant differences that could complicate conference talks.