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From Nextgov.com: USDA moves to the cloud

Agency plans to move 120,000 users to cloud-based messaging system.

Pay-Freeze Politics

Does Obama’s proposal to freeze federal pay signal a real change in direction or is just an idle gesture?

OMB Director Jack Lew called it a “critical milestone.”

Subcontractor, subgrantee data now available to the public

After nearly two years of delays, USASpending.gov opens a window to new levels of detail on government payments.

From Nextgov.com: GAO says plan to replace air traffic control system lacks performance metrics

Without specific goals for NextGen, FAA risks failure , watchdog warns.

Defense revises rule on contractor business systems

New proposal lowers the amount the government can withhold from contractors that don’t do enough to protect against waste, fraud and abuse.

Federal oil rig inspectors hit for lapses preceding BP spill

Presidential commission slams out-of-date training and coziness with industry as Interior regulators reorganize and prepare reforms.

Deficit commission finds a few more cuts to make

Homeland Security grant programs and international broadcast operations added to a list of more than $200 billion in proposed cuts the panel is fine-tuning.

McKeon insists on hearing from the military on ‘don’t ask’

Presumptive House Armed Services chairman says he wants to hear from the chiefs of the military services and field commanders on repealing ban.

House looks to pass full fiscal year CR

Senate will either attach an omnibus spending bill, or adopt longer-term continuing resolution to keep government running.

Marine Corps, Army chiefs oppose ending 'don't ask' this year

Leaders say ending the ban on openly gay troops now would distract forces from combat training and operations.