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Report: Justice collects more fines but funding stays flat

Inspector general has recovered $4.7 million in fines and restitutions since October, despite a relatively level budget and staff size.

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Coast Guard reaches milestone in massive equipment modernization project

Commandant Thad Allen talks about the troubled "Deepwater" program now that the service has received its first new long-range cutter in 36 years.

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Forward Observer: Our Pricey Military

The country's small, high-paid, all-volunteer force just does not have the staying power to wage long wars.

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Research group predicts moderate growth in IT spending during next five years

Uncertain economy, new administration may temper technology spending.

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Marine general lays groundwork for unprecedented change

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Cartwright has a record of conceptualizing vast bureaucratic reforms -- and actually accomplishing them.

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Newly appointed Afghanistan IG lacks necessary funding

The office exists only on paper, until Congress resolves issues with supplemental war funding requests.

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Nonprofit group helps contractors navigate new ethics rules

A 134-page document provides guidance to firms that need assistance complying with federal regulations.

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From Nextgov.com: IRS reports slight increase in e-filing rate

Agency has four years to hike the percentage of electronically filed tax returns it receives to meet a congressional requirement.

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OPM suspension of electronic retirement calculator blamed on contractor shortcomings

In a recent round of testing, agency says, only five of 61 functions passed.

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Defense seeks to reprogram funds to cover Army shortfalls

Without supplemental funding, Gates predicts furloughs and suspension of pay.

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