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Senate moves toward vote on compromise version of wartime supplemental

Administration assures GOP senator that if necessary, detainee photos will "never see the light of day."

Coast Guard names new acquisition chief

Rear Adm. Ronald Rábago will oversee the service’s $28 billion investment portfolio and a growing organization.

Lawmaker backs more fighter jet funding despite appearances

Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, says he supports additional F-22s but does not favor tapping environmental cleanup funds to offset the costs.

Facing skeptics, Treasury chief defends regulatory overhaul

GOP critics say the Federal Reserve is not equipped to act as a super-regulator.

ICE's John Morton and DEA's Michele Leonhart announce interagency agreement.

Enforcement agencies boost cooperation on drug investigations

Agreement aims to end turf battles between DEA and ICE over the handling of cross-border drug smuggling cases.

Industry concerned over details of contracting reforms

Contractor groups urge against going overboard on fixed-price contracts and on bringing jobs back in-house.

Missile defense funding debate dominates panel's markup

Republicans attempted to add $1.2 billlion to $9.3 billion request for missile defense programs.

Ousted IG cited for behavior, absences from Washington

White House says Walpin exhibited "behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve."

House members ask Obama to bring back labor-management partnerships

Reviving Clinton-era setup would strengthen communication between federal leaders and employee representatives, Democrats say.

Lawmakers continue to pound public-private job competitions

Amendment to Defense authorization bill would suspend Pentagon job contests for three years.