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From Nexgov.com: Defense cybersecurity budget request likely a third more than reported

More than $1 billion in fiscal 2009 IT security budget request embedded in general program spending, not linked to networks, research group estimates.

Senate stimulus bill also contains windfall for federal agencies

The $825 billion package allocates funds for construction, operations and energy efficiency projects.

House Democrats prepare bill to overhaul FDA

Agency scientists say they were "ordered, intimidated and coerced" by managers to modify unfavorable determinations during Bush administration.

Solis becomes latest nominee slowed by GOP roadblocks

Pick to lead the Labor Department is up against an anonymous hold, placed partly in response to her support for card-check legislation and a pay-discrimination measure.

Overturning 'midnight' regulations presents challenges

Many steps taken by Bush were specifically designed to make last-minute rule changes difficult to reverse.

Obama fills out Justice roster

President announces several sub-Cabinet appointees to support attorney general nominee Eric Holder.

General says Marines can pull out of Iraq within months

Marine Corps Commandant James Conway says equipment can be removed in six to eight months.

Veterans bounced by bank error

GSA contract bank refuses to honor checks issued to 465 veterans, who were subsequently hit with penalties and fees.


Obama appoints new acting OPM director

Move is part of broader effort to replace acting agency heads; GSA also gets new temporary chief .

Obama's FOIA directive brings praise, bit of skepticism

Memo calls for openness and transparency from federal agencies.