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Preparing for the Transition: Two Schools of Thought

Our series on the upcoming transition continues this week with tips for career managers on how to get into the minds of new appointees.

Obama has a calm, disciplined approach to challenges

Smart but untested, disciplined by low-key, sure of himself but a careful listener, the Illinois Democrat would bring a measure of calm to the Oval Office.

McCain is not afraid to take chances

The former Navy pilot thrives on calculated risks, sizes up situations quickly and seems to like pushing the envelope.

Next special counsel faces an uphill battle

Successor to Scott Bloch will need to restore trust, both within OSC and across the federal workforce.

Air Force releases nuclear roadmap

Report pledges to restore credibility to the service after security lapses, increase compliance and develop technical skills of personnel.

Homeland Security launches program to find illegal immigrants in jails

Program will begin in county prisons and then expand to city jails.

Democrat's call for defense cuts draws Republican attacks

House Financial Services Committee Chairman suggests 25 percent reduction in military spending.


Candidates offer vastly different governing styles

Obama is steady and measured in his decisions, while McCain follows his gut instincts and thrives on taking risks.

Panel issues preliminary advice for Defense audit agency

Recommendations are designed to address management issues exposed in a July Government Accountability Office report.

Congressional report blasts feds for racking up parking tickets

Agencies must do a better job tracking fines assessed on their vehicles and making sure employees pay up, Democratic investigators say.