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Bill gives state and local governments more stimulus flexibility

Legislation would allow funds to be used for oversight and contract management.

Senators urge Homeland Security to tighten border

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano says she is open to closing individual ports of entry if needed.

New Defense procurement chief lays out priorities

Ashton Carter says logistics issues that fly under the radar are on his list.


DHS-supported fusion centers raise civil liberties concerns

Virginia governor calls for investigation into methods used to create 2009 state threat assessment.

State groups offer specifics for spending swine flu funds

Money is needed for staff, distributing vaccines, protecting health workers, and educating clinicians and the public.


OPM announces new governmentwide telework policy

Agency director signals a focus on work-life balance programs for federal employees.

States, localities could get access to GSA schedules for stimulus spending

House chairman plans to introduce cooperative purchasing bill for Recovery Act dollars.

Homeland secretary sees no reason to close border with Mexico

Janet Napolitano tells Congress that DHS has enough money to deal with the swine flu crisis until the supplemental funding bill is approved.

Commandant argues for new Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Marine Corps chief James Conway says the military needs the capability provided by the vehicle.

From Nextgov.com: Bill would shut down over-budget, behind-schedule IT projects

Agencies would receive support from IT team for projects that run over original cost estimates , with severely over-budget ones facing cancellation.