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Senator pledges agriculture programs will continue

Head of Budget Committee says he expects agriculture programs to stay largely protected in the deficit reduction program he and the panel's ranking member have proposed.

Procurement policy office maintains low profile

Despite push for contracting reforms, President Obama has yet to name an executive to lead central policy shop.

Biggest companies rake in Recovery Act contracts

More than $1.5 billion in stimulus funds have gone to 17 of the largest government contractors.

From Nextgov.com: GSA posts Recovery.gov winning contract proposal

Much of the information in Smartronix's winning proposal was redacted to protect competitive information.

Food safety reform measure passes House by 2-1 margin

Bill requires more government inspections and oversight of food manufacturers and gives the FDA authority to order recalls.

Senate panel sends Labor-HHS, Transportation bills to floor

Committee plans to consider its last spending bill -- the Defense appropriations measure -- in early September.

Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., is among a cadre of lawmakers carving out a niche in government oversight.

Lawmakers bring different styles to watchdog role

Three legislative watchdogs from varied backgrounds step into new oversight territory.

GAO: Federal Protective Service lacks long-term workforce plan

Absence of strategic plan has led to inconsistent policies, report says.

Analysis: Does Obama's visibility mean greater transparency?

Open government advocates say new media efforts come closer than prime time television appearances to meeting transparency goals.

Prospects for homeland security policy bill look better next year

Since its creation in 2003, DHS has never operated under authorization legislation.