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Lawmaker finds Defense IG is doing less with more

Watchdog is drifting off-topic and publishing fewer reports despite a staff increase, report says.

Hundreds of Lockheed Martin execs take buyout offer

A quarter of the top officials at the government's biggest contractor will leave the company.

Hearings set for OMB nominee

Jacob Lew will answer questions from Senate budget and oversight committees next week.

Budget experts plan tour to tout deficit measures

Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker calls fiscal situation a "ticking time bomb."

Interior seeks more resources to oversee offshore oil and gas activities

Request for additional funding and personnel comes in response to oversight board report.

Plea agreement for ex-special counsel in limbo

At hearing, judge raises questions about whether Scott Bloch must serve a minimum of a month in jail.

Shifting Seats

With many races in play, a GOP takeover in the Senate is becoming less of a long shot.

Confusion grows after Gates’ announcement to scale back plan.

Defense insourcing to continue at military services

Pentagon allows thousands of job conversions to proceed despite a reported lack of savings, sparking outcry from contractors.


Collaboration-minded feds see barriers to working together

Nevertheless, mid-level managers are forging new relationships and building bridges across departments and agencies.

DHS boosts its border workforce and technology

Border and immigration enhancements help drive Homeland Security’s varied purchases.