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Gates says next-generation bomber might fly without pilot

Top Pentagon officials are emphasizing that the future of aviation rests largely in unmanned aerial vehicle-technology that has been used increasingly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Navy, Marine request sparks skepticism in House

Lawmakers question the plan to relocate 8,000 Marines from bases in Japan and challenge the fund request for research on shipbuilding programs whose future is in doubt.

Debate erupts over whistleblower rights for intelligence workers

Legal experts disagree on whether a pending bill can protect employee rights and national security simultaneously.

DHS chief pressed on immigration and border security

Napolitano says she supports requiring federal contractors to use E-Verify to check the immigration status of workers.

Senator wants supplemental without aircraft add-ons

Inouye says such funding should be included in the regular appropriations process.

Lawmaker raises concerns over timing of budget cuts

Rep. John McHugh, R-N.Y., says Pentagon's fiscal 2010 budget request is dictating the outcome of the Quadrennial Defense Review now under way.

House panel to consider stand-alone TSA authorization bill

Legislation would be the first of its kind for any Homeland Security agency so far this Congress.

Acting Special Counsel says employee morale, productivity is high

Following years of scandals, the OSC is rebuilding and anxiously awaiting new leadership.


Biden offers rosy outlook in first quarterly stimulus report

Agencies have obligated $88 billion so far, but have paid out less than one third of that.

Program Cuts, Agency-by-Agency

A list of federal programs that will lose some or all of their funding in fiscal 2010 if President Obama gets his way.