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Air Force chief to stay, other Pentagon brass named

Principal deputy undersecretary for policy and assistant secretary for Asian and Pacific security affairs named.

Pentagon IG details waste in military contracts

One contractor charged $998,798 to ship two flat washers worth 19 cents each.

Paper outlines practical steps to improve contracting

Suggestions include giving chief acquisition officers more authority and creating business councils.

Warning signs dot a fence around Los Alamos' Technical Area 21.

Memo questions Los Alamos lab’s control of plutonium

Despite critical deficiencies, Energy gave the contractor that runs the lab a $1.4 million performance award last year.

Pentagon to miss deadline for disclosing plan for fighter jets

Defense officials say they will announce their decision on whether to buy more F-22s when the detailed fiscal 2010 budget is released.

Obama proposal would boost budgets of most agencies

Chart breaks down fiscal 2010 budget by agency.

Funding for Defense, Veterans Affairs scheduled for increase in 2010

Proposal offers few program details, but spending on troops and veterans’ health care would grow.

President unveils 'honest' $3.55 trillion plan for fiscal 2010

OMB chief says the White House has combed through the budget and located $2.2 trillion in savings.

Budget summary is littered with management proposals

Obama administration pledges to reconfigure President Bush’s tool for evaluating effectiveness of federal programs.

Government continues to provide unethical contractors with work, GAO says

More than two dozen contracts were awarded in two years to vendors under federal suspension or debarment, according to investigators.