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Preparing for the Transition: Dos and Don’ts

A former government executive lists what career professionals should -- and shouldn’t -- do when a new administration comes to Washington.

Philadelphia-based consultant buys McConnell International

Clinton Rubin purchases federal consulting firm founded by former OMB tech chief in a move to enter stable federal market.

A Blackwater contractor guards a convoy in Iraq.

Critics allege State broke acquisition rules in Baghdad contract

Deal raises questions about whether contractors should help investigate potential misuse of force by private sector guards.

Orszag: Economic mess will change incoming president's agenda

It will be difficult to deal with much beyond the economy in the early stages of the next presidency, budget office chief says.

Former procurement chief indicted again

Prosecutors level two new charges against David Safavian and revive three from his previous trial.

Wall Street executive turned politician dissects the economic breakdown

New Jersey's governor, a former senator and CEO of Goldman Sachs, discusses the financial crisis and Henry Paulson's performance as Treasury secretary.


Federal jobs not automatically competitive, administration argues

In court filing, Justice Department says president has authority to determine which jobs are subject to competition.

Top officer says military should wean itself off supplementals

Defense should identify long-term needs that have been included in emergency spending bills and move them to the regular budget, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman says.

Set-asides still offer billions in contracting prospects

Awards to small firms continue to rise, though the pace is slowing, industry research group finds.

OPM meets most 2008 strategic goals

Agency still struggles with the rollout of its electronic retirement system.