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Democrats fight House GOP's proposed 2011 budget cuts

Argument plan would hurt the poor is undercut by news Obama's fiscal 2012 budget would chop several billion dollars from low income energy-assistance fund.

An airport screener at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

TSA administrator defends collective bargaining decision

Employees who strike over labor issues will be disciplined and possibly terminated.

From Nextgov.com: Pentagon budget relies heavily on anticipated savings

Analyst says 2012 Defense spending plan is the beginning of an 'age of austerity' for the department.

Business owners complain regulations are killing jobs

EPA and Labor come under heavy criticism during House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

House panel pressures GSA to speed sale of excess properties

Half-empty Old Post Office in Washington made centerpiece in call to reduce surplus federal real estate.

Under fire from right, House GOP proposes $100 billion in cuts

Appropriators scrap original plan for $74 billion in cuts to soothe tea party members.

Senate Dems play waiting game on continuing resolution

House leaders looking to cut discretionary spending by nearly $35 billion this year; some GOP members say it's not enough.

House fails to pass PATRIOT Act extension

White House officials said President Obama would not veto the bill.

House GOP releases list of proposed cuts

Proposal to fund government for rest of fiscal 2011 includes reductions for NASA, local police, rural development and low-income women.

USPS down $329 million so far in fiscal 2011

More workforce cuts and agencywide restructuring expected as officials seek to reduce costs.