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Senators unveil bill to shape up agency performance

Measure similar to one the House passed in June would require agencies to name officials to improve inefficiency and cut redundant programs.

Military space programs at risk, experts say

Panelists warn that the soaring cost and prolonged development time for new satellites have left nation vulnerable.

Speaker allows vote on intelligence authorization bill

Agreement paves the way for enacting the first such legislation since fiscal 2005.

Lawmakers' message loud and clear on jargon

Senate unanimously approves bill to simplify language in government documents.


Senator calls for permanent wartime contracting watchdog

Level of waste in Iraq and Afghanistan warrants more focused oversight, says Sen. Claire McCaskill, a former state auditor.

Forward Observer: Costs of War

The total tally for the war on terrorism through the Pentagon's fiscal 2010 supplemental comes to $1.12 trillion, with no end in sight.

William K. Reilly is a former EPA administrator.

Reorganization of Minerals Management Service raises doubts

Keeping revenue collection and regulatory enforcement within Interior creates a conflict of interest, commissioner says.

Congress restores small business contracting parity

President Obama signs legislation to end preference of HUBZone firms over other small businesses.

Analysis: New guidance creates contracting conundrum

Several procurement reform directives set conflicting agendas, underscoring the need for coordination.

House and Senate in familiar continuing resolution endgame

Lawmakers must pass the stop-gap spending measure to keep the government running after the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.