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Air Force to begin shaping new nuclear command

Establishment of the command is one of many steps the Air Force is taking to fix widespread problems with its handling of nuclear weapons.

From Nextgov.com: Obama must use better technology to open government

OMB Watch says new administration should rely on commercially available collaborative tools to back promise of transparency .


OMB veteran will lead transition review of government operations

Obama-Biden team names several former Clinton officials to gather key agency information for incoming administration.

Obama's Short Coattails

Democrats' downballot gains weren't as great as some had hoped.

Potential Defense secretary has focused on management issues

Former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig praised for his candid, activist style during previous stint at the Pentagon.


Directory of ‘plum’ federal jobs debuts

The popular guide to more than 8,000 federal civil service positions will be available on Nov. 12.

From Nextgov.com: Search for White House e-mails could span administrations

Nonprofits are optimistic that President-elect Obama's promises for transparency could mean greater cooperation in finding lost messages.

Obama reveals rules on lobbyists

Federal lobbyists will be prohibited from any lobbying while they are at work on the transition.

Decision in Defense procurement case could set precedent

Observers say a federal court ruling that voids small business contracting goal could affect minority procurement programs governmentwide.

Contractors call for less partisan rhetoric, more substance

Industry is optimistic that the Obama administration and new Congress will establish a more harmonious tone.