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From Nextgov.com: VA nixes troubled tech projects

The department ends or slashes funding for 15 IT projects as part of new accountability program.

Contracts might not be getting enough credit for stimulus job creation

Private sector analysts find Recovery Act contracts helped generate 407,000 jobs to date; project 1 million more next year.

Administration officials defend science in wake of ‘climategate’

Pirated e-mails raise concerns about scientific integrity of data underlying energy policies.

A Voting Victory

The long-overdue MOVE Act could serve as a model for future election reforms.

Experts foresee need for fiscal 2010 Defense supplemental in spring

Influx of troops in Afghanistan could require tens of billions of dollars more than what has already been requested for this fiscal year.

GOP appropriator offers plan for funding Afghanistan troop increase

Rep. Jerry Lewis says Congress could free up $35 billion by limiting increases in five nondefense spending bills to 2 percent over fiscal 2009.

All TSP funds increase in November

The common fund grew 6 percent last month.

NASA scientist fined in procurement case

Mark Schoeberl, a former senior manager at the Goddard Space Flight Center, admitted directing contracts to a company owned by his wife.

Panel presses FAA on pilot fatigue rules

Agency official calls process of updating regulations "a difficult and complicated effort."

An officer with the uniformed division of the Secret Service.

White House breach raises questions about Secret Service pay and oversight

Homeland Security requested money for more staff in its fiscal 2010 budget.