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OPM director calls for more action on gay rights

Along with Attorney General Eric Holder, John Berry pledges president’s support to expand access to federal benefits.

Lawmakers criticize management of Kabul embassy security contract

Senators grill State officials on decision to retain guard company, despite repeated complaints about its performance.

War supplemental tops next week’s congressional agenda

Democrats hope to garner enough votes to override possible filibuster of bill.

Panels back larger Army, more funds for special operations

A military pay raise of 3.4 percent, slightly higher than the president's proposal, moves forward.

GOP lawmakers question stimulus job creation statistics

House members ask Obama to explain the administration’s methods of calculating the number of jobs saved or created under the Recovery Act.

Change in Army relocation plans draws fire from appropriators

Lawmakers want the service to compensate Georgia communities for improvements made in anticipation of an influx in troops.

Tentative appropriations schedule assumes best-case scenarios

Panel chairman anticipates the House passing all 12 spending bills before the August recess.

Management nominee backs performance, accountability measures

Jeffrey Zients vows to take a collaborative approach to program assessments and increase the use of performance information in budget decisions.

Plug-in electric vehicles pose challenges for feds

High costs, infrastructure shortcomings and other difficulties are likely to hinder widespread use in the federal fleet, GAO says.

Panel agrees not to shift Geological Survey work to DHS office

Lawmakers want to curtail or stop the operations of the National Applications Office, a Homeland Security unit.