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Administration seeks help in selling off excess federal buildings

Seven-member panel of experts would examine status of 14,000 vacant facilities and 55,000 underutilized buildings.

GOP leaders surprised by White House entry into budget-cutting talks

Vice President Biden will assume the role of lead Democratic negotiator.

Press secretary predicts White House-Congress meeting over CR

Jay Carney said the White House would accept up to $8 billion in cuts in a spending bill to keep the government running for a month.

Workers protested budget cuts Wednesday outside SSA office in Baltimore.

Workers protest outside SSA offices nationwide

Employees march against furloughs, other cuts as agency offers early retirement.

Postal Service pleads its case to Congress

Cash-strapped agency says it needs immediate relief to avoid defaulting on advance payments to its retiree health fund.

Sunny-Side Up

Economic indicators are heading to a place where President Obama could win reelection.

GAO report: Eliminating program duplication could save 'billions'

Senator says inventory makes lawmakers and executive branch officials look like "fools" for failing to track and eliminate areas of overlap.

House GOP content to keep punting on spending

If a deal can't be reached, then Republican members would be OK with a series of two-week extensions for the rest of fiscal 2011, majority leader says.

First post-spill deep-water drilling permit approved

Interior official dismisses the notion that the move was politically motivated in light of two hearings this week on the department's budget.

Sen. Claire McCaskill says the contract is not "in the best interests of taxpayers."

Subcommittee finds GSA public relations contract wasteful

Agency spent $234,000 for three-months’ communications help handling alleged contamination at facility.