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Former national security adviser John Poindexter is a central figure in the story.

Dot, Dot, Dot . . .

Former Government Executive reporter Shane Harris discusses his book on why agencies are better at collecting intelligence than analyzing it.


Administration gets tough on improper payments

Obama directs agencies to hire more auditors who get paid based on the amount of money they recapture.

Eye on 2012

The quest for the GOP presidential nomination will begin in earnest next month in New Orleans.

Proposals to ban earmarks continue to pick up steam

Potential amendment to jobs bill would throw up roadblocks to fiscal 2010 and fiscal 2011 measures that include directed spending.

Turning around negative view of government will take time, Obama official says

Strides in IT and human capital seen as key to improving program performance and gaining public trust.

OMB staffer to be disciplined for threats to IG

Program examiner said his office would 'make life miserable' for OPM inspector general if he took budget complaints to Congress.

House leader 'hopeful' budget blueprint will pass by Easter

Hoyer stresses lawmakers are not tied to that timeline.

McCain: Hill won't threaten tanker deal

Lawmakers will keep a close eye on the contract, but won't intervene, according to the Arizona Republican.

Forward Observer: QDR is a Quite Disappointing Report

Goal of the strategy document seems to be to avoid ruffling feathers.

Moderate Democrats pitch bailout repayment bill

Six Blue Dog leaders advocate legislation to recoup the cost of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program and pay down the growing deficit.