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Budget bill stands in way of congressional recess

House and Senate will take up the fiscal 2010 budget blueprint this week.

Forward Observer: Missile Guidance

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs believes spending so much on an unproved missile defense is a rush to failure given the recession and money needs of the military.


FAA nominee draws praise for union and management experience

Former pilot Randy Babbitt served on the agency’s management advisory panel during the Bush administration.

Watchdog agency establishes stimulus fraud hot line

Government Accountability Office encourages people to send allegations of waste and abuse to FraudNet.

Census officials launch bid to win trust of immigrants

Leaders of the 2010 public relations effort stressed the need to demystify the census among hard-to-reach populations.

Panels' budget resolutions heading to floor

Senate Democrats spent the better part of two days fending off Republican attempts to trim spending before passing the plan.

Lawmaker says future combat systems not affordable

Congressman pledges to work with the Army to come up with a more disciplined approach to its modernization program.

National intelligence chief: Scope of intel activities continues to expand

Two key GOP lawmakers are warning that the intelligence community is being overtaxed under Obama administration.

Obama plan targeting Taliban, al-Qaida draws praise

President says infusion of 4,000 troops will bolster Afghan army.

USDA secretary favors strong link between performance measures and goals

Tom Vilsack cites technology and personnel as critical to good government management.