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Play of the Day: Ginsburg Prepares Her Own Martinis

The Late Show has exclusive sketches from Supreme Court hearings.

How to Spin a Government Shutdown

It will be a) Democrats' fault; b) not that bad; or c) quickly forgotten.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., announced Friday he will offer the bill again, along with Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

Bipartisan Duo to Reintroduce Bill on Evidence-Based Policymaking

Legislation would create a panel to study expanding the use of data to assess program performance.

House Republicans' Silent War Over Homeland Security Funding

In front of the cameras the GOP is on the same page, but behind the scenes party unity is growing strained.

ISIS May Be Using Bitcoin and This is Worrying Treasury Department Regulators

Last summer, Sky News reported that one pro-ISIS blog discussed using the digital Currency.

Boehner: Blame Democrats If Homeland Security Shuts Down

"I want you to ask the Senate Democrats when they're gonna get off their ass and do something other than to vote 'no,' " the House speaker told reporters Wednesday.

"We all are in agreement the [training] levels are unacceptably low," said Danielle Gray, a member of the U.S. Secret Service Protective Mission Panel .

Embattled Secret Service Spent Just 25 Minutes Training the Average Officer in 2013

Congressional oversight leaders expect bipartisan reform in the near future.

Lawmaker Renews Battle Against Porn-Watching on Federal Computers

Rep. Mark Meadows says he continues to hear about “bad actors” similar to an EPA employee who spent up to six hours a day watching pornography at work.

Panel Backs Bill Establishing that Yes, VA Can Claw Back Bonuses

Measure would give VA secretary the authority to rescind employee bonuses, after an appeal process.