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Pentagon Wants to Raise Purchase Card Maximum to $10,000

House lawmakers leave proposed language out of first draft of Defense authorization bill, but sources say it could come up again.

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: This Is My Plan to Combat Zika

More resources, public awareness campaigns and rapid diagnostic tests are key, Democratic presidential candidate says.

Giraldo Carratala, an inspector with the Miami- Dade County mosquito control unit, looks through a fence into the back yard of a home while doing a routine inspection earlier this month.

Why Zika Needs An Ounce of Prevention

Congress delayed the fight to fund the virus—a decision that comes at the cost of public health and potentially billions for the U.S. economy.

The Supreme Court Expands FBI Hacking Powers

The justices signed off Thursday on a new procedural rule for warrants targeting computers.

Veterans Affairs IG Failed to Fully Investigate Allegations of Data Manipulation

Office of Special Counsel says VA watchdog didn’t thoroughly explore complaints of wrongdoing related to patient scheduling.

The American Bison is Officially Declared a National Icon

Congress approved a bill to make the American bison the national mammal just a century after the animal almost went extinct.

Play of the Day: More on the Cruz/Fiorina Ticket

They may not be leading the polls, but they're all over late-night TV.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Picks a Running Mate, Despite Not Winning Anything

The Texan tapped Carly Fiorina to be his VP pick, but he's getting creamed by Donald Trump.

Why Trump Might Regret Playing 'The Woman Card' Against Clinton

The entertainer says his opponent wouldn’t have succeeded if she were a man—and overstates his own popularity among women.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a Tuesday night news conference.

Trump Accelerates Down the Track

The Republican front-runner steamed ahead to five decisive wins on Tuesday night, while Hillary Clinton took four states, leaving only Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders.