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A Primer on Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Congress must act soon to keep the government open past Dec. 11.

House Speaker John Boehner arrives for a meeting with Republicans on Tuesday.

Republicans Move Forward With Year-Long Funding Bill … for Most Agencies

GOP proposal would fund all of the government through September except Homeland Security, which would be on a shorter leash.

Play of the Day: The Appropriate Amount of Outrage in Ferguson

There's just no winning when it comes to satisfactory levels of outrage.

Postal Service Has No Annual Financial Statement Because of Hack

Agency has to ensure the integrity of its financial data systems post-breach before gathering information for its annual report.

Don’t Blame Immigration If the Government Shuts Down

The real cause is the same as in 2013: fractures in the Republican coalition.

How Will Republicans Rebuke Obama on Immigration?

To register their disapproval of the president's executive decision, conservatives have floated everything from a formal censure to withholding an invitation to deliver the State of the Union address.

Spending, Immigration, and Tax Fights Will Dominate Final Days of 113th Congress

A standoff over how or whether to defund President Obama's executive order lies ahead before lawmakers adjourn.

Obama Threatens Veto Over Tax Deal Including a Bigger Mass Transit Benefit

White House raises concerns over other provisions that support corporate interests.

John Boehner Forges Ahead on the House Benghazi Probe

How did the speaker respond to a GOP-led report that supported the Obama administration? He reappointed his own select inquiry into the 2012 terrorist attacks.

With Proposed New Ozone Rule, Obama Tees Up Next Environmental Fight

EPA is proposing to lower the smog standard, and environmentalists are determined to make it happen this time.