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Lawmaker Demands Answers on a Highly-Paid, Do-Nothing IRS Employee

Attack is the latest in a string of criticisms about the use of “official time” for union business.

Nonessential amenities in the homes in Ajo, Arizona, included stainless steel appliances, the IG found.

Homeland Security Outfits Homes for Ariz. Employees With Fancy Countertops, Walk-in Pantries

Customs and border agency paid a premium for land and unnecessary amenities, watchdog says.

IRS Can Now Withdraw Money from Your TSP Account to Collect on Tax Debts

Final rule aims to fix "loophole" that benefited federal employees.

Here's What Congress Tweeted While Obama Was Asking for Their Support Against ISIL

On Twitter, Congress's reaction during and immediately after the speech was either disparaging, supportive, or completely off-topic.

Play of the Day: A Prerecorded Reaction To The President's Speech

Stephen Colbert had some thoughts hours before Obama spoke.

IGs say agencies are throwing up roadblocks.

Are Federal Agencies Spending Millions to Stop IGs from Doing Their Jobs?

Three inspectors general tell House panel of document denials they say violate law.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, is the chairman of the committee.

House Benghazi Select Committee Finally Gets Around to Holding a Hearing

The special House committee had disappeared from public view after it was created in May.

Oversight Chairman Issa Remains the Richest Member of Congress

Issa has a net worth of $357.25 million, triple that of runner up Michael McCaul.

Shutdown-Averting Spending Bill Would Allow Fed Pay Raise

House GOP measure would keep government open through mid-December and would not block Obama’s proposed 1 percent raise.