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Sure. Let's let this guy with the hat become "Death, the destroyer of worlds" in the words of Robert Oppenheimer.

Play of the Day: Obama Knocks Down Trump's Nuke Talk

The president said the 2016 GOP frontrunner “doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy… or the world generally."

Are Voters Getting Tired of Trump?

The real estate mogul-turned-candidate had a bad week.

Feds Outpace Rest of Country in Donating to Presidential Campaign Fund

Fewer and fewer taxpayers are checking the box to spend $3 on elections.

Whistleblower Protection Agency Looks to Clean Up Its Own Backyard

Office of Special Counsel to rate managers on whether they foster an environment that encourages disclosures and prevents retaliation.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at Purchase College in New York.

Can Clinton Reconstruct Trump Supporters' Hope?

A Clinton win this fall will stoke Trump voters' rancor. That's why she should include them in speeches and launch a big infrastructure plan.

I'm outta here soon, suckers.

Play of the Day: Obama's Senioritis

The president's not trying very hard in his final year.

USPS Continues to Miss Delivery Goals, and It’s Getting Worse

The mailing agency's liabilities exceed and outpace its assets.

Will Trump Destroy the Party of Reagan?

The rogue candidate threatens the coalition of social, economic, and foreign policy conservatives.

A man looks toward the U.S. side of the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The Republican Stance on Immigration Is Evolving

A generational divide marks a shift in primary voters' views on the divisive issue.

"I know you are, but what am I?"

Play of the Day: Trump as a 5-Year-Old

As Stephen Colbert explains, Trump's lack of maturity is a certain kind of selling point.