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Senate Enjoys a Relatively Friendly Debate Over a Contentious Bill

This week's main event on Capitol Hill is the expected Senate passage of a No Child Left Behind rewrite.

Artist conception of New Horizons Spacecraft.

What Comes Next After NASA’s Pluto Mission?

Space advocates hope the event makes the case that planetary travel is a worthy pursuit.

As Deadline Nears, Highway Bill Still Stalled

Two parties can't agree on whether to do a short- or long-term roads measure, or on how to pay for it.

"Right now, the Interior appropriations bill in the House is jammed up because a sizable number of House Republicans are eager to protect the status of the Confederate flag on National Park Service grounds," Josh Earnest said Thursday.

White House Spokesman Hammers House Republicans, Trump For Racial Insensitivity

Press secretary Josh Earnest ticked off how House Republicans and Donald Trump are "out of step" with most Americans on race.

New Bill Puts Focus on Improving Postal Workforce Morale

Legislation is part of effort to provide better service to rural customers.

Republican Defenders of the Confederate Flag Derail a Spending Bill

As South Carolina voted to haul down the banner, supporters in the Capitol took up its cause.

The problems at the NYSE were not the result of a cyberattack.

Washington Can't Fix Computer Glitches

Wednesday’s NYSE and United Airlines problems wouldn't have been avoided if there had been a cybersecurity-information-sharing law in place.

The House Wants a New Vote on the Confederate Flag Issue

The chamber will vote Thursday to undo previously passed amendments that would remove the flag from federal land.

The Benghazi Committee Served Hillary Clinton a Subpoena

After the Democratic front-runner told CNN she's "never had a subpoena," the GOP-led panel released the one it sent her in March.