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McCain seeks to make leap from maverick to manager

GOP standard-bearer's plans for the federal government are sweeping, but achieving them will require attention to the nitty-gritty.

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Obama camp steering clear of transition talk

Candidate's team is silent while lawmakers speculate about a Democrat-led presidency.

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DHS technology contract may be headed for a ‘spending spree’

Vehicle for procuring information technology services will be popular for frenzied fourth quarter spending, research firm says.

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McCain defends VA health proposal

Obama camp calls program "privatization;" veterans' advocates are wary.

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Retired generals advising Obama bring range of expertise

More than 70 retired generals and admirals from all four services are counseling the Democratic candidate.

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Federal employees are urged not to leave computers running

Turning off machines at night seems like a small step, but the savings could be huge, according to technology companies.

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Georgia on Obama’s Mind

The selection of Joe Biden as a running mate may help Obama over the threshold on national security issues.

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Agencies make the best of tight technology budgets

Two wars, a plunging deficit and a slow economy have made fiscal 2008 a historic year—for all the wrong reasons.

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FAA system failure grounds hundreds of flights

Agency says software problem appears to be the cause.

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U.S. Postal Service tests new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

The world’s largest civilian fleet owner wants to drive the market for green transportation.

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