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For Petraeus, apathy about Afghanistan may be the biggest challenge

General's Hill visit will be less scrutinized this week.

Defense outlines furlough policy

Military personnel must report for duty without pay and complete any work left undone by furloughed civilian employees.

New GSA acquisition chief calls for government-contractor cooperation

Mindy Connolly aims to reduce the burden on industry and to develop better dialogue.

Federal mentors dispense wisdom on YouTube

Top government leaders offer career advice in online videos for young employees.

USPS, union reach tentative agreement

New contract would protect against layoffs, limit `excessing’ and raise salaries by 3.5 percent.


Tax delinquency no impediment to contracts with IRS

As the revenue service reviews company delinquency claims, it continues to pay offending firms millions under contracts, report finds.

HHS regulations follow Obama waiver endorsement

Rules leave room for states to jigger the health care law's 'essential benefits' package.

New continuing resolution shows GOP’s strong hand

Plan could be considered by the full House as soon as Tuesday.

Is D.C. prepared for a tsunami?

Complicating a mass evacuation would be various emergency contingency plans put in place by the federal government.

SEC told to reorganize and live within its means

House hearing on conflict-of-interest charges involving former general counsel leaves agency battling for public trust and increased funding.