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Tit-for-tat on House oversight panel appears to be the norm

Republican and Democratic leaders interact mainly through public letters.


Obama to propose five-year spending freeze

Move would save about $400 billion through 2015, according to White House estimates.

TSP recalls erroneous distribution payments

Board approves $1.5 million for testing to prevent future software glitches.

Agencies learn from missteps during last year’s flooding in Nashville

Weather Service and Army Corps of Engineers officials agree with report’s call for better coordination of rainfall forecast communication and mapping.

From Nextgov.com: Hackers didn’t retrieve data in Defense pharmacy website attack

No personally identifiable information was stored on the site.

‘Put your pom-poms on’: Report details Hatch Act violations

Office of Special Counsel concludes Bush administration officials violated federal law by hosting political events on government time and in federal facilities.


Obama pledges massive overhaul of government

'We need to think bigger' about merging, consolidating and reorganizing agencies, president says in State of the Union address.

Obama rebuffs GOP calls for immediate deep spending cuts

President calls for spending freeze much more limited than the huge reductions in discretionary spending Republicans are demanding.

Obama will spotlight beginning of the end in Afghanistan

In Tuesday's speech, the president is expected to make clear that 2011 will be the high water mark for the U.S troop presence in Afghanistan, which will decline over the next three years.

Promotions and pay increases decline for many workers

Federal managers should focus on alternative incentives to rewarding employee performance, observer says.