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Kabul embassy whistleblower’s resignation raises questions

Terry Pearson says he was forced to leave his job for alleging sexual and other misconduct by security guards at Camp Sullivan in Afghanistan.

From Nextgov.com: Report gives Obama administration mixed review on secrecy practices

White House receives high and low marks for transparency memo, seeking input on classification policy and for its overhaul of stimulus tracking Web site, open government group says.

Telework experiments can breed acceptance, observers say

An overwhelming majority of employees and managers who participated in Virginia’s telework day reported no problems with the practice.

Government outlines plan for contractor performance database

Contracting officials would be required to check the new Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System before signing high-value deals.

Embassy fires security guards over appearance in vulgar photos

Ten ArmorGroup North America guards are on their way out of Afghanistan; company’s senior management in Kabul is being replaced.


Biden wants Recovery Act business practices to become routine

Improvements in transparency and accountability should be replicated across every government program, vice president says.

Agencies cut back on travel

Smaller alternative airlines and car rental companies see increases in business while spending on some more expensive vendors declines.

Budget analysts put price tag on TSA pay overhaul

About 36,000 TSA workers would receive raises averaging $1,700 under a bill that would move employees to the General Schedule and grant them collective bargaining rights, CBO estimates.

Senior agency leaders focus on measuring success of their programs

Labor, Agriculture, Veterans Affairs officials work to develop meaningful performance metrics.

Mixed Messages

The RNC chairman's pledge to preserve Medicare is incompatible with his party's visions of sweeping change.