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Obama fires Bush-appointed IG overseeing AmeriCorps

President tells lawmakers he lost confidence in Gerald Walpin; the White House is not providing further details.

Seapower chairman to revise cost cap for littoral ships

Mississippi Democrat wants to take government costs out of the $460 million ceiling.


Acquisition reform group warns government not to rush insourcing

Report says agencies could lose contractors’ valuable skills if conversion is not managed properly.

House panel reverses cuts in aircraft programs

Measure overrules Pentagon's decision to kill an alternative engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Firing of IG followed his probe of Obama friend

White House says the move was "carefully considered."

Coast Guard facility operates entirely on renewable energy

Using methane gas from a city landfill, officials are generating enough electricity and steam to power a shipyard.

Union criticizes prison bureau for understaffing, lack of safety equipment

Agency official says staffing is set to increase and vests are the subject of negotiations.

OMB releases hiring reform, budget guidelines

Agencies must report to the administration within the next six months on efforts to simplify the federal hiring process and reduce spending.

First ombudsman for FOIA named at National Archives

Miriam Nisbet will direct the Archives' new Office of Government Information Services, expected to open in September.

Negotiators sign off on war supplemental compromise

House Democratic leaders expect the full House to take up the conference report next week.