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Obama administration launches program evaluation effort

Office of Management and Budget lays out new assessment principles and offers financial incentives for agencies that go the extra mile.

Authorizers agree to end F-22 program

The $680 billion Defense authorization bill is expected to pass both chambers and move to President Obama's desk in the next several days.

From Nextgov.com: Intelligence e-mail shut down prompts concerns about other collaboration tools

Intelligence office assures users that it will replace the system with a more secure one, and other social networking tools will continue to operate.

Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, praised the move.

Congress moves to repeal Pentagon pay-for-performance system

Conference agreement also gives Defense secretary ability to propose new personnel flexibilities.

Process of Elimination

It’s easier to figure out what voters do not want than it is to decipher what they do want.

Obama is unlikely to trim his aggressive agenda

The president's trip to Denmark to lobby for the Olympics raised the question again of whether he is trying to do too much.

Key authorizers back second F-35 engine

House-Senate agreement on the fighter jet engine could provoke the Obama administration to follow through on a veto threat.

Agencies avoid flexibilities in firing poor performers

Managers put off by technicalities and paperwork under personnel reforms, MSPB survey says.

Agencies surpass Recovery Act small business contracting goals

More than 25 percent of all stimulus contract dollars has gone to small firms, but agencies are making uneven contributions.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano

DHS announces immigration detention reforms

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will centralize and review all detention contracts.