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Federal performance officers stretched too thin, study says

PIOs don’t have adequate resources or time to identify poor-performing employees, report finds.

House Speaker John Boehner could see opposition  to the deal from conservatives

Budget deal faces one last hurdle

Lawmakers still have to formally vote on handshake agreement reached at midnight Friday to fund agencies for the rest of fiscal 2011.

Lawmaker proposes extending probation for new federal employees

Rep. Ross would double current one-year period and define performance criteria more precisely.


Drug cartels seek to exploit corrupt federal agents

Homeland Security has enough challenges in border enforcement without officers taking bribes.

Legislation would reorganize Federal Acquisition Institute

Bipartisan bill has FAI reporting directly to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

Political insiders view shutdown as likely

As of Thursday afternoon, Capitol Hill operatives think both sides still had reason to hold their ground.

Brink of a shutdown: How did it get to this point?

Those Americans who disdain government in the abstract are about to have their contempt put to the test.


Where the cuts would have come: agency-by-agency furlough counts

Estimates show large numbers of employees would not have been permitted to work if government had shut down.

Would you have been furloughed?

Federal employees sent updates Friday on their status and that of other employees in their agencies.

Cantor says short-term funding bill likely needed after any deal

House majority leader says 'bridge' is a possibility to keep government from shutting down.