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In face of budget cuts, Gates still wants $35B Air Force tankers

Pentagon has begun a review of all spending, officials say.

As debt ceiling nears, Washington gropes for agreement on budget tool

Debt-reduction package could allow politicians to save face and punt the consequences of future disagreements.

One year after the BP spill: What's changed and what hasn't

The federal government and industry have made strides in the wake of the disaster. But some things haven't changed.

WikiLeaks suspect to be moved to Fort Leavenworth

Human rights groups have complained of "inappropriate" treatment of Bradley Manning at Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va.

Pentagon more likely to tweak than cut weapons programs

Official says 'We’re not out there to kill programs.'

Trump’s a Joke

Legitimate presidential candidates are at risk of being marginalized by a publicity-hungry reality-show host.

S&P's warning on deficits could strengthen 'gang of six'

But the bipartisan group of senators still faces an uphill battle in cutting a budget deal.

Committee recommends federal contractor ethics code

Administrative conference panel would provide agencies with nonbinding model language on conflict of interest and secrecy.

Interior: Cape wind approval sends a signal

Salazar says the project will create jobs, help environment.


OPM issues guidance on telework

Federal agencies have until June 7 to establish telework policies and notify employees of eligibility.