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Analysis: Making Government Cool Again

Without changes in hiring and pay systems, the president will have trouble making good on his promise.

Republican senators put holds on two Interior deputies

GOP lawmakers are concerned about the nominees' stances on endangered species rules and Utah land use policies.

FAA, air traffic controllers to reopen talks

Former agency head Jane Garvey will lead a team of mediators to negotiate an end to long-running contract dispute.

Stimulus watchdog optimistic about reining in waste

Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board Chairman Earl Devaney says he didn’t “go into this thing thinking it’s going to fail.”

House and Senate bills target agency spending

Legislation introduced by Democratic members could revive elements of the Bush administration’s PART initiative.

Admiral and CBO analyst part waters over Navy budget outlook

Analyst says shipbuilding program will cost $12 billion to $14 billion more than it is likely to receive.

TSA workers meet with passengers at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport.

DHS union, management clash over flu concerns

Labor group seeks broad authority for border, transportation agents to wear face masks.

OMB is working on how to collect efficiency advice from feds

Obama called for ideas to improve government operations during his April 25 radio address.

Senator seeks indefinite competitive sourcing freeze

Bill to “clean up” contracting includes language that would bar competitions until the process is overhauled.

Bill gives state and local governments more stimulus flexibility

Legislation would allow funds to be used for oversight and contract management.