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Hundreds of thousands of feds face furloughs

Senior administration official says about 800,000 employees could be furloughed during a government shutdown.

Frustrated Obama calls leaders back to White House

Meeting is the latest effort to avert a government shutdown.

An Intruding World

Americans cannot afford to ignore debt crises in Europe and democracy movements in the Middle East.

House GOP to offer one-week stopgap spending measure

Funding bill would prevent a shutdown at the end of this week and fund the Defense Department for the rest of the year.

House budget chair offers plan with $6 trillion in cuts

Sweeping reductions in government, safety net contrast with Obama's plan, but revenue assumptions and deficit estimates may not be credible.

Boehner: No budget deal

Continuing resolution is not scheduled for vote.

GOP: White House punts on shutdown deal

Cantor says Obama rejected GOP's new one-week plan.

Obama urges budget talks: Says lawmakers must return if no agreement

President says continuing resolutions are "not the way to run a budget."

Union sues government over lack of shutdown information

OMB still has not directed agencies to release their specific contingency plans on how a government hiatus would affect employees.

Postal Service defends new labor contract

Agreement offers best cost savings possible without legislative change, officials tell Congress.