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Done deal: Congress, White House keep government open

Negotiators reach last-minute agreement on funding deal for rest of fiscal 2011.

Under OMB order, agencies stayed open despite late House vote

Memo was designed to make sure agencies didn't begin shutting down at midnight.

Reid expects shutdown, constituents say; White House announces new meeting

Reid, Boehner to meet with Obama at 1 p.m. for second meeting in 18 hours.

Union: Employees work without pay, or risk jobs

Pressure on excepted personnel to work without guarantee of pay violates Anti-Deficiency Act, labor leader says.

USDA unveils details of shutdown plan

Most employees would be furloughed, but meat, poultry and egg inspection services would continue.

Senate approves $5 billion in cuts to overlapping programs

Amendment would consolidate or eliminate duplicative government functions.

Four budget developments you need to know

Some of the key differences between the parties involved in discussions.

GOP opposition spells trouble for OMB nominee

Senate Budget Committee barely backs Heather Higginbottom to be the agency's deputy director on a party-line 11-10 vote.

Progress reported in spending deal talks

Avoiding a shutdown may hinge on Democrats' willingness to move toward Boehner's $40 billion spending-cut offer.