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Hiring reform shows progress, OPM chief says

Most federal jobs now are filled based on resumes and cover letters, and KSAs have been virtually eliminated, says John Berry.

As shuttle program winds down, uncertainty looms for NASA

Lawmakers question speed of agency's transition away from shuttle.

Fleeting Favor

President Obama can’t bank on his job-approval ratings staying high unless the economy improves.

Playing with fire: A manmade debt-limit crisis

Congress may take a page from the book of firefighters in negotiatiing the debt limit crisis

As government hits debt limit, tensions rise

Vice President Joe Biden is heading up talks with congressional leaders designed to reach a deficit reduction framework and pass an increase in the debt ceiling.

Government fears too much disclosure in bin Laden raid will jeopardize future missions

The administration understands the public's demand for details of the rare mission but worries some officials are speaking too freely.


Most of the money allotted for defunct DHS financial management project went unspent

Official says department obligated just a fraction of the millions associated with unsuccessful IT project.

Obama endorses spending, tax targets in budget talks

The president makes his remarks at a CBS town-hall meeting.

Senators oppose White House disclosure plan for contractors

Letter says plan could inject politics into the procurement process.

Watchdog dings VA for poor management of rural health program

Office cannot be certain it wisely allocated nearly $300 million, IG concludes.