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Lawmaker urges Navy to allow competition for littoral ship

The program has more than doubled in costs since its inception and has been delayed 18 months.

Omnibus bill halts competitive sourcing

All government agencies are prohibited from holding public-private job competitions for rest of fiscal 2009.

From Nextgov.com: IT receives slight budget increases, some cuts in omnibus bill

Senate would boost funding for food and air safety, but cut Justice's spending on financial management system and security analysis center.

Obama requests review of Bush guidelines for implementing legislation

President asks senior officials to check with the attorney general before relying on Bush's signing statements.

Interior chief names 'recovery czar'

Chris Henderson will oversee more than $3 billion the department plans to invest in communities, parks and public lands.

Obama urged to reconsider pledge to thin management ranks

Agencies still are reeling from cuts during the Clinton administration.

TSA cites progress enrolling port workers in ID card program

A majority of the estimated 1.2 million workers who must be vetted by April 14 have signed up.

IRS to beef up in-house debt collection capabilities

The agency plans to hire more than 1,000 employees by October to assist in recovering delinquent taxes.

Treasury secretary cancels private debt collection program

The Obama administration had asked for an independent review of the program.

House committee forms contract reform panel

Members will review a recently introduced Senate bill designed to curb the cost of weapons programs, but might end up developing their own proposals.