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Harsh Realities for Both Parties

The economy is flying barely above the treetops, and it has little margin for error.

Boehner signals willingness to look at big oil's tax breaks

Dems say statements represent significant shift in effort at deficit reduction.

Whipping the debt ceiling vote

A listing of legislators' stances on raising the government's debt limit.

Pentagon finally kills second engine for advanced warplane

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program has been formally terminated, agency says.

Coast Guard report: Transocean safety flaws contributed to explosion

Study does not fault BP as much as previous reports.

Jury still out on deficit-reduction group

It's not clear yet when a group of lawmakers, led by Vice President Joe Biden, will unveil its plan, or how it will figure into the legislative process.

FAA orders supervisors to handle flights of first lady, vice president

News came after National Transportation Safety Board said it would investigate aborted landing of plane carrying Michelle Obama.


Administration set to order contractors to disclose campaign contributions

Proposed executive order would require contractors to list political spending to agency procurement officials.

Agencies to begin filing quarterly reports on length of hiring process

The information will be used to monitor progress in reducing average hiring time, OPM says.