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Obama administration readying to make case for test ban treaty

Officials say the bargaining in Senate could intensify over the coming months.

The Waiting Game

Uncertainty over redistricting is keeping some potential House candidates on the sidelines -- for now.

House speaker calls for spending cuts equal to rise in debt limit

With the exception of tax increases, everything is on the table, including Medicare, John Boehner said.

GOP leaders aim to enforce Obama's nuclear modernization promises

Bills would prohibit unilateral U.S. warhead reductions and preserve the nation's missile defense options.


USPS posts $2.6 billion loss for first half of fiscal 2011

Workers Compensation reform could provide significant savings, IG says.

On visit to border, Obama pushes to revive immigration reform

The White House turns its attention to the Hispanic community, a key voting bloc.

Performance.gov site to go public soon

Recent budget cuts will hamper effort to improve the website’s functionality, though, OMB’s Zients tells a Senate panel.

General: Militants more likely to surrender after bin Laden's death

U.S. effort is aimed at reducing al Qaeda's ranks in Afghanistan.

Fear that U.S. can grab nuclear arsenal heightens Pakistani anger

Pakistani military leader condemns U.S. operation that took out bin Laden.


OPM: Federal job announcements need to be shorter and sweeter

Government continues to simplify the hiring process, but vacancy descriptions could be more succinct, official says.