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Federal government recoups record amount in Medicare fraud

Officials collected $4 billion in 2010; more than half of the money has been returned to the Medicare Trust Fund.

EPA tops list of pending regulations under review

White House tracking of agency rule-making shows 130 proposals under evaluation as President Obama launches effort to weed out inefficiencies.

Unwanted Pentagon weapons systems often prove impossible to kill

Lawmakers from both parties are mobilizing to save programs Defense Secretary Gates has placed on the chopping block.

Interior to reinstate ousted Park Police chief after eight years

Department will not appeal MSPB order to give Teresa Chambers her job back.

SEC transparency faulted by watchdog group

Project on Government Oversight assembles previously unpublished reports examining employee misconduct and retaliation against whistleblowers.


Contractor performance database goes public in April

GSA sets a target date for opening the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System to public viewing.

Patent Office director touts agency's potential to stimulate economy

Easing the backlog in patent applications could help create jobs, says David Kappos.

GOP looks to send Obama a message on spending

House Republicans are planning a vote the day of the State of the Union address on a resolution to cut non-security discretionary spending.

Supreme Court approves background checks for contractors

NASA has the right to ask scientists questions about past drug use and emotional stability, justices rule.

Union representatives seek more input in workplace issues

Federal managers must step up pre-decisional involvement processes, administration officials say.